Thursday, November 10, 2005

Growing potatoes in a bag

It can be difficult to find a new place to grow potatoes each year in a small garden. You can't use the last spot you grew them for another 2 years.

This year I'm trying some Toolangi potatoes in a large bag from a tree we brought at the Nursery. (you could also use a large pot) I figure this way I can change the soil each year, they will be really eazy to harvest and there is no chance of damage from the shovel which I won't even need. They seem to be going great, in fact they are twice the size as those in the normal garden beds.

You could use this method in the smallest of gardens or even on a balcony and you can't beat home grown organic potatoes.

HINT: Start with only a small amount of soil - just enough to cover the seed potatoes about 10cm deep. Every couple of weeks add more soil, covering the bottom leaves but leaving the tops to poke out of the soil. This way you'll get heaps more potatoes come harvesting time.

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