Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hi Rosie

Hi Ya Rosie. Thought I'd do a little and very silly video online to say Hi this morning, thought it might just make your work day that little bit cheerer... and yes that's actually our house from Satellite... Its amazing what you can find on the internet.
Love Ya heaps, Alexxx

Thursday, February 16, 2006

First online movie

This was a little movie we shot when we first brought our house in the Blue Mountains. Its a bit low resolution because I did on our old camera last year, it's short but cute all the same. The first of the movies on this blog, but just the beginning now I have my fancy new digital camera that Christopher brought me for my Birthday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

I've been reading a lot about Valentine's Day today. It seems to be a resounding we 'Bah' from the single quarter.

My boyfriend (Christopher) and I decided a long time ago not to celebrate it. Valentine's Day is basically one big marketing strategy working away on your emotions and your wallet... "If you don't buy the person you love some stuff' today, then you obviously don't love them" what crap.

Gifts don't = love but it does seem that guilt does = revenue.

That does not mean we don't give each other little gifts of go for romantic dinners, we do, but not today!

We should not need marketing and advertising to tell us when we should show someone we love them. I'm sure that roses would mean more if you thought of the idea yourself.

So I say 'SAY NO TO VALENTINES DAY'. Go for dinner, send a card, buy a gift, MAKE a gift, ring a friend to tell them how important they are too you... but do it when it comes from YOUR heart not a poster.

Oh and that goes for Mothers day, Fathers day.

Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My two favorite boys

Our Dog Gus got a Hair cut yesterday, he gets a bit hot in summer as he's usually very wooly. These are photos of Gus sleeping with Christopher on the deck (so cute) and Gus after his shave.

Its a quite day up here on top of the mountain, not much to tell. Today I'll probably read a little, write a little, plant some veggies we just brought from the markets and lay in the sun... if it comes out again.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gay Union - a natural right

I say the heterosexual community can have marriage, personally don't want it... Bah! - I'm tired of the churches religious rhetoric, they have lost their way spiritually. I don't need organized religion to recognize my commitment, which is based on love, understanding, trust and compassion. Something organized religion don't seem to be able to muster. I know I'm not perfect and sometimes I fail on some of these pillars, but at least I try because I know how important they are. Always striving to have a open heart and open mind.

Want I do want is civil unions or a form of legal recognition for gay couples... as any other couple who have committed themselves to a loving relationship might want. It's a natural right ALL people should have. I can understand religious reasons against gay marriage (all though I disagree) but I can't understand why civil unions/ legal recognition seems such a threat to some people, fear it seems travels deep.

If only people could open their hearts... and that's a all inclusive comment.

Our Prime Minister Mr Howard (he makes me soooo cranky) is also totally against this concept as well. John Howard yesterday branded civil unions for homosexual couples a "cop-out", putting a stop for a push by Liberal backbenchers to follow Britain's lead and legally recognize gay relationships.

The Age reported:
Liberal MP Warren Entsch, a rough-edged, Harley-riding former crocodile farmer from far north Queensland, yesterday ignored the disapproval of some of his colleagues in the Coalition party room and argued it was time they tackled the "long overdue" issue of equity for same-sex couples.

But Mr Howard told the meeting he disagreed, saying a civil union was a "cop-out" and that would remain his view.

Mr Entsch, who opposed the Government's ban on same-sex marriages in the lead-up to the 2004 election, vowed to pursue his push for Australia to follow nations such as New Zealand, Britain and Canada in allowing civil unions for gay couples.

"A lot of people would probably not expect anyone with my background as an ex-crocodile farmer and Cape York grazier would be supporting this cause," Mr Entsch told The Age.

"I've got no issue with my own sexuality - I'm fiercely heterosexual - but I will defend (homosexual couples') rights to any extent to ensure people in that situation are fairly treated."

While he views marriage as for heterosexuals, Mr Entsch said he believed the Government should allow civil unions or some other form of legal recognition for gay couples. His stance is backed by other Liberal backbenchers including Victorian Petro Georgiou and West Australian Mal Washer.

"Most of the gay people I talk to, all they want is to have an opportunity to formalise a commitment to each other and get the same sort of recognition . . . as any other couple who have committed themselves to a relationship," Mr Entsch said.

Dr Washer said he did not disagree that marriage was for heterosexuals, but he felt there was a place for some form of civil union for gays.

Mr Howard said in December that he was opposed to recognition of such civil unions and that marriage was for men and women.

He makes me soooo cranky... did I say that all ready!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just like a gay boy

Our little dog is just like a gay boy. Young. Knows he's cute. Is a major flirt and when he over it, he's over it!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Bush and Monkeys

So what does Bush and Monkeys have in common... well a lot apparently, mind you monkeys are a great deal smarter.
> Clink on the image for a larger view.


Such a photogenic prime minister, no wonder he's so attacted to Bush, he's a looker to. Ha!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crappy Job

Next time you think what a crappy job you got, think of this guy.