Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

I've been reading a lot about Valentine's Day today. It seems to be a resounding we 'Bah' from the single quarter.

My boyfriend (Christopher) and I decided a long time ago not to celebrate it. Valentine's Day is basically one big marketing strategy working away on your emotions and your wallet... "If you don't buy the person you love some stuff' today, then you obviously don't love them" what crap.

Gifts don't = love but it does seem that guilt does = revenue.

That does not mean we don't give each other little gifts of go for romantic dinners, we do, but not today!

We should not need marketing and advertising to tell us when we should show someone we love them. I'm sure that roses would mean more if you thought of the idea yourself.

So I say 'SAY NO TO VALENTINES DAY'. Go for dinner, send a card, buy a gift, MAKE a gift, ring a friend to tell them how important they are too you... but do it when it comes from YOUR heart not a poster.

Oh and that goes for Mothers day, Fathers day.

Happy Tuesday.

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