Thursday, April 06, 2006

Simon and Lee

Pictured Jeff, Me, Lee, Simon and in the middle Sheba the dog - Winter 1972

When I was a little kid I had a best mate Simon, we lived across from each other on Calander Street. Our dad's where in the same navy squadron at the base in Nowra - HMAS Albatross, and our mums being navy wives became best friends... and still are.

When I was about 15 his family moved away to Queensland and I had not seen Simon since.

I saw his mum Michele and bother Lee in 1986, we had a picnic at Moony Monny Creek... (do remember that Lee?) I have warm memories of that day, most of my strongest memories include days at the beach.

Pictured above Lee, Michele, Arna and Barry - Summer 1986 - Moony Monny Creek

I finally got to catch up with Simon after these many years and it was really great to see him. It felt like a blind date at first, neither of us knowing what to expect after all this time.

Simon stayed with us for 3 days and I'm happy to report he's a cool guy and was a great house guest. He's actually very similar to my child hood memories of him. I'm sure we will be both much closer again.

Simon With our dog Gus Blackheath NSW 2006


Lee said...

Hi Alex,

I certainly remember lots of fun beach outings there - unfortunately not that one! Sorry it must be old age creeping up.

Michele said...

Hello Alex Yes I remember that day,(what a rude woman!)it was good to be with friends as that was the year of huge change for me. Lee was about 14 then. That picnic/beach area was a popular spot for all of us over the years - I remember just laying in the brackish creek/salt water as it rushed out at low tide and being carried along like in a giant spa! And using goggles to google at the weeds/fish up near the bridge. Also wading across the creek and tiptoeing across the hot sand to get to the long beach on the other side to have fun in the waves until we were baked and starving and had to get back to the shade and sandwiches on the other side.

I remember a day with Zac and a yellow blowup boat that we had. Zac loved to swim but always become waterlogged when his ears got wet and would panic. There was a lady in a similar yellow plastic boat just laying back enjoying the sun and the soft wave motion when suddenly this mad panic stricken bug eyed manic dog tried to claw onto something that he recognised as safety. She screamed and almost fell out but not quite! Wish I'd had a video camera!!
When you kids were little and the ship with all the Dads was away Arna and I used to take you all to run on the beach even when the weather was cold - just for the outing. Do you remember when Simon had a hip problem and we went running on the beach and down the sandhills with him in a stroller? He was about 4 years old then. That was such fun!

What a great blog - I've been here for hours!!! Great garden, looks very peaceful, and I'm really jealous of your pottery shed!hope you are making good use of it!!
Love and hugs to you. Michele