Thursday, March 23, 2006


It was a hot summers day. Christopher, Gus (our dog) and myself where in town to have coffee. We dropped into the real estate where our friend Sue works. We brought Gus in as Sue and everybody else thinks he's adorable - he gets very spoilt and laps up every bit.

So there we where having a lovely chat to Sue about pretty much nothing, as ya do - when a old lady wonders into the office, she was wearing a knee length floral dress and has big hair that's a lovely shade of light purple and kinda on the thin side - that's the hair not the lady, she was quite ample - No, not the breasts, (I try not too look at old ladies breasts) more like her thighs.

Anyway I call Gus so he's close, as he can be a bit boisterous with the ladies. This lady walks up to the front desk and very properly asks to see so and so about something or rather. 'Just a moment, take a seat, she'll be right with you.' She took a seat - and a bit. Damn it was hot, and so was she, that's all I'm going to say on that subject, I doubt you need extra details and my memory is already too vivid. Anyway there we all where.

Gus being Gus and extremely excited by the site of this not so little old lady, now sitting, legs slightly apart, well it was hot, did I say that.... Anyway Gus gets away from me, runs and jumps - nose right into her 'special spot', sniff, sniff, sniff.... We all froze horrified! 'Oh my lord, he can smell my buffy' the old lady exclaimed!. Yes he could, I had to use all my strength to pull Gus out of the depths of her giant panties. Sniff, sniff.

We where all doing the best to keep a straight faces, not so well I might add, but I don't think the lady noticed. Sue quietly mentioned, Buffys' her dog boys... Yer we knew that.

We quickly said goodbye to Sue and stepped out of the real estate office, dragging Gus along with us. Burst out laughing and keep laughing for about an hour.

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Deb said...

Ican just imagine every bit of it right down to cracking up laughing for an hour or more afterwards.

Miss you guys!
Deb xo