Saturday, March 18, 2006

Video Blog

A cute and funny tour of our hobbie farm and animals, plus a big hello to my Friends Deb and Matt in NZ!


Dom said...

Very cute!!! Good to see the garden looking so lush, as well.
Hi to you both

Nic said...

Hi ya Alex

Loved your video! How cool are those sheep. And how big are those sheep?! The live action shot of the top of Chris' head was fab, feel like I know him just a little bit better now. Am looking forward to the next instalment where I may catch a glimpse of his knee or his elbow. Baby steps.

I checked out your blog a couple of weeks ago actually to see how the vegies were progressing, tres impressive! Am very jealous of your life up there in the mountains....

Happy winter planting.


Alexander said...

Hi Nic,
Glad you dropped by and glad you loved the video, it was fun to do and there will be others, that include more of the lovely Christopher.

The sheep... well there full grown now, they come up to about my waist and eat a lot! Yesterday we planted a little grove of Birch Trees in the yard and the garlic, its all fun.

Deb said...

Thanks Alex!!
That is VERY cool.
I love the not-so-subliminal message too ;)
Can't wait to show Matt whne he gets back from uni. Yay!
Love to you and Chris,
Deb and Matt