Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vegies in the Rain

I know we need the rain, with the drought and all... but would it stop already! I so desperately want to get out into the garden, I'm going stir crazy cooped up in the house! I feel a bit like a poor old battery chicken, over fed, bored and just a bit cranky. Its true the vegies are all growing into huge monsters, but I fear soon they will be water logged if the sun does not show its face soon, its been almost 2 weeks of constant rain.

We harvested the first of our Turnips this week... never really had them before, not a fan we've decided. They actually taste better raw, the same as radish, the leaves are good in stir fries and spring rolls but all the same I think I'll save the space next season for something else.... (Hey Maria, I'll send you some in the mail, I know you love them.)

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Anonymous said...

oooh so much rain sounds very dreary... the veggies are very nice and green though ;)