Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pottery Studio

Have not blogged for about 2 weeks now... too much bad stuff happening in the world and race riots in Sydney - I though writing about it would only get me more upset and pissed off then I already am about the whole state of affairs. What are we doing people... for fu*k sake get over it and get along... Violence achieves NOTHING, never has never will. I feel a great sadness wash over me when ever I turn on the news now-a-days... might have to stop watching.
Anyway enough of that... up here on our mountain top everything seems calm and we are very blessed to have a safe place live. Christopher and I have been very busy doing up the pottery studio in our back yard. We have painted it yellow and blue, very beachy and happy. Put in a work space for the pottery wheel and lots of shelving + fixed the roof and connected the power. I'm a very happy camper, it looks really great - thanks Chris for helping me. Its a really nice space and is demanding me to use it - I'm feeling very creative.

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