Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well its finally warm in our little mountain village. and I'm a very happy camper. Shorts, no shirt, sandal's, warm nights, its great.

Have you every noticed how people love to talk about the weather (look I'm even doing it) of course the middle aged and elderly are complaining and can't help but ask you "is it hot enough for you" or "oh its going to be a hot one" or " oh its just so humid, couldn't sleep it was so hot".... well I LOVE IT. Its the cold I hate, and by the way its not really that hot here, max of about 32 degrees c, and we only get a couple of days that warm, down the mountain in Penrith its like 43 - that's a bit warm I must admit. Anyway if one more person mentions how hot it is, I think I'll just scream or maybe just burst into flames...

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