Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve

Well its going to be a quite one this year.

That's Ok though, its not that much fun out with all the hoards anyway. Been there, hated that. Plus I just don't think I could ever top the fun Chris and I used to have at the hand in hand dance parties we used to go to when we where in Sydney and took drugs (not that you need to take drugs to have fun kiddies)... so why be disappointed I say.

We have a good life here and we have little animals that need our love and attention. I've got a few good DVD's and some beer in the fridge and my boy friend who will always be hot no matter where we are. At least I know I'll get a new years kiss and probably laid too :)

So happy new years all, have a good one. This is a photo of Chrisopher and I in our city apartment just about to go off to a dance party at fox studios in Sydney 2002.

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